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Your name is Mizuki.

You have fallen into the sewers.

You find your favorite guitar!

You feel different. You are a magical girl now.

There are monsters everywhere.

It gets harder to breathe the further you go...

You must escape.

Short Surreal adventure-spooky game!
Light puzzle solving!
Fight monsters with a magical guitar!
Sewer slimes...
Cute graphics!
Mysterious atmosphere!
Land sharks!!
30 mins - 1 hour!
Three endings!

Soundtrack by Vivian Garacci (discord: viv#5222)


acai cOrner v1.1.zip 29 MB

Development log


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really cute game, love the visuals and music, but i kept getting lost and being bombarded with enemies and not being able to progress : ( but i think maybe its just me being bad at games... anyhow the little guys definitely creeped me out, especially when i realized they werent moving randomly but were all slowly following me..

This was a wonderful experience, highly reminisce of Yume Nikki. I highly enjoyed this game!

I do have one question-you mention in your notes that there are three endings for this game. Is time running out considered one of those endings, or is there another ending I'm unaware of?

Thanks for making such a lovely game. 

Was pretty cool, it's very atmospheric and i love the graphics, the game was a bit hard but i enjoy it, good job

Is there a way to stop my computer's anti-virus software from removing the game? It keeps tagging it as malicious

Umm, I wouldn't know. My suggestion would be to temporarily disable it, download it, then enable it again. It's not a virus, if that's what you are worried about.

I tried running it on Linux with WINE and it didn't work! Can you please upload another version with the RTP included?


Sorry for the late reply. Version 1.1 is now RTP free. Please enjoy!